Scene Investigations & Analysis

With over 25 years of experience, the MSD engineers and technicians have the experience and expertise to conduct thorough scene investigations and analysis.

Forensic Technician Investigating Scene

Goals of Scene Investigation

The goals of the scene investigation are dependent on our scope of work. As an example, we may analyze the electrical systems to determine what role, if any, it had in the incident.

At the scene we work closely with fire investigators, fire protection engineers, mechanical engineers, materials engineers, metallurgists, and many other consultants to aid in the investigation and help discover what, when, where and why an incident may have occurred. Our staff will examine and analyze the event and assist in determining the potential electrical involvement of electrical equipment, appliances, wiring, etc. After determining and identifying the electrical equipment in the area of the incident that may be involved, we may transfer artifacts to our laboratories for failure analysis testing.

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