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MSD Engineering has fully-equipped laboratories in Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois ready to determine how and why electricity was involved in an incident. We transfer artifacts to our laboratories so we can perform more detailed and comprehensive failure analysis and testing. We may reconstruct the equipment and perform different types of forensic testing. Our testing may include electrical or electronic testing, equipment nondestructive x-ray testing, thermal imaging or other appropriate testing. The large majority of our laboratory services are performed in-house.

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Within the MSD labs, our engineers may reconstruct, examine and analyze the electrical equipment or artifacts that were collected.

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Examining & Testing

Testing encompasses a large portion of what we do within our labs. This may include inspection, reconstruction, disassembly and performance testing of artifacts.

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Radiography / 2D X-Ray

The MSD labs in Minnesota and Michigan have the equipment necessary to do digital nondestructive x-ray testing in-house. We will radiograph artifacts using a digital x-ray. MSD Engineering strongly believes in continuing education and providing services that set us apart, so to use this type of portable nondestructive test equipment, each technician has received specialized training by the manufacturer and is registered in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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Thermal Imaging/ Thermography Capabilities

Our labs each have a thermal imaging camera allowing us to examine and analyze performance characteristics of equipment.

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Test Equipment

In addition to x-ray equipment and thermal imaging cameras, we keep our laboratories fully equipped with a multitude of hand power tools and other equipment necessary to complete our testing. In addition, each laboratory has microscopes and forensic analysis equipment to examine artifacts.

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