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The engineering staff at MSD Engineering have been involved in the consulting and forensic engineering industry for over 25 years.

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To best support our clients, we work closely with fire investigators, fire protection engineers, mechanical engineers, materials engineers, metallurgists, and many other consultants to aid in the investigation and help discover what, when, where and why an incident may have occurred.

Our engineers and technicians assist in incidents often involving:

  • Fires and explosions – residential, commercial, industrial, maritime, aviation or automotive
  • Personal injury – shock, electrocution, power line contact or dismemberment
  • Vehicle systems – automotive, commercial, agricultural or construction
  • Design disputes
  • Arc flash incidents
  • Power system failures
  • Power equipment failure or damage
  • Industrial or automated controls

MSD engineers and technicians follow the scientific and engineering methods. The methods include in part, defining a problem, collecting data, sorting data, analyzing data, development of hypothesis and hypothesis testing. We may attend scene and artifact examinations, review documentation and provide consulting and expert analysis that may involve deposition or courtroom testimony. MSD Engineering employs multiple hazardous material trained technicians, so we have the specialized training necessary to investigate sites that may have hazardous materials.

If you have experienced a possible electrical incident, our staff applies the principles of physics, science and engineering to determine how and why the event happened. Contact us today for more information.

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Utilizing our diverse education, training, skills, and experience, we are ready to assist you with your forensic electrical engineering needs