Expert Witness Testimony

Our forensic electrical engineers are qualified, prepared, and willing to testify as expert witnesses.

MSD Engineer Court Testimony

Our engineers have the communication skills necessary to assist the public in understanding what may have happened to the electrical components involved in an incident.

MSD engineers have abundant experience in public speaking, participating in speaking engagements around the country and appearing as expert witnesses. We provide instruction programs, classes and forums about electricity and how it may relate to the specific theme of the program such as fire investigations, explosions, safety, personal injury or equipment damage. Our teaching and testimony experience gives us the ability to convey complex methods and topics in terms that the public and other field experts will understand.

To learn more about the speaking engagements we’re involved in or providing expert witness testimonies, please contact us today.

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Utilizing our diverse education, training, skills, and experience, we are ready to assist you with your forensic electrical engineering needs