Forensic Electrical Services

MSD Engineering is a full-service consulting and forensic electrical engineering firm. Our engineers and technicians will conduct a thorough investigation of the event, whether it is a fire, explosion, personal injury, equipment damage, design dispute, power system failure, or any other event that may include electrical aspects.

House Fire Damage
At MSD Engineering, we have hazardous materials technicians who have specialized training to work on sites that may include hazardous chemicals or materials.

We work closely with fire investigators, fire protection engineers, mechanical engineers, materials engineers, metallurgists, or any other consultants to aid in the investigation and help discover what, when, where and why an incident may have occurred. Based on the scope of our work, our process may include:

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Scene Investigations & Analysis

With over 25 years of experience, the MSD engineers have the experience and expertise to conduct thorough scene investigations and analysis of industrial, commercial, residential, agricultural, marine, aviation or automotive facilities.

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Failure Analysis

We have the ability to transfer artifacts to one of our laboratories to conduct comprehensive failure analysis. Our extensive complement of tools includes, in part, hand and power tools, microscopes, x-ray, and other laboratory equipment.

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Our engineers and technicians review and analyze documentation in the form of codes, standards, references, guides, and discovery materials. These may assist in developing a sequence of events, hypothesis testing, and determining the cause of an event. Our engineers may provide a summary of findings or an engineering report upon request.

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Expert Witness

Our forensic electrical engineers provide consulting services that may lead to expert testimony at depositions or in a courtroom setting. MSD Engineers have qualified and testified in both federal and state jurisdictions.

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Artifact Storage

Each of the MSD locations has facilities where artifacts can be securely stored.

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HAZMAT Related Investigations

Our hazardous materials technicians specialize in investigations that may have hazardous materials.

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We often perform these services for electrical manufacturers, electrical contractors, consulting firms, electrical utilities, insurance companies, law firms, U.S. government & law enforcement agencies, automated controls manufacturers or end users, along with the agricultural, marine, aviation and automotive industries.

To learn more about how we can help investigate your incident, please contact us today.

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Utilizing our diverse education, training, skills, and experience, we are ready to assist you with your forensic electrical engineering needs